Azibl Intelligent Valve Positioner AVP100-H-3X-XX

SVP100 smart valve positioner is based on.Electric - gas valve positioner for microprocessor.It can be received from the control device.Direct current signal and control valve opening.In addition to this basic function.SVP3000 Alphaplus also has communication capability and automatic configurator Increases productivity and plant productivity.

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Azibl Intelligent valve positioner AVP100-H-3X-XX

SVP100 Alphaplus is an intelligent electric/gas valve positioner based on microprocessor technology.SVP100Alphaplus receives a DC signal from the controller to control the valve opening.In addition to this function, SVP100Alphaplus has on-site communication, automatic configuration and self-diagnosis functions, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory.

  1. Debugging is simple to use

  2. Optimized Settings to meet different application requirements

  3.Efficient and reasonable maintenance

  4.Single action/double action actuator (double action is optional)

With a double acting amplifier, SVP can be applied to double acting actuators

Chamber  making  materials

Main material body: Aluminum alloy pneumatic amplifier housing: plastic

Weight single acting type: 1.7kg Double acting type: 2.0kg

standard specifications

Applicable to                         single/double acting straight stroke actuator;Angle stroke actuator

Protection form                     FM intrinsic safety; NEPSI Ann; IP66

Input signal                            4-20mA DC (range can be set at will: small range is 4mA)

Range of                                 stem travel Feedback rod rotation Angle ±4°~±20°

Air supply pressure                140kPa~700kPa {1.4kGF /cm2~ 7.0kGF /cm2}

Precision                                 8mA< input signal < 16mA ±1% full stroke

Stem position accuracy          ±1% full stroke (±2.5% full stroke when changing output characteristics)

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