Cheap Fisher DVC2000 Digital Valve Controller Positioner

Fisher DVC2000 digital valve controllers are HART communicating, microprocessor-based current-to-pneumatic instruments. It's features and capabilities were developed to support a global customer base that requires a simple, easy to use, digital valve controller.

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Cheap Fisher DVC2000 Digital Valve Controller Positioner

Fisher DVC2000 digital valve controllers 

The FIELDVUE DVC2000 digital valve controller is simple to use, compact, and designed for easy mounting. It converts a 4-20 mA input signal into a pneumatic output signal, which feeds the control valve actuator. Instrument setup is performed with a push button and liquid crystal display (LCD) interface. This interface is protected from the environment within a sealed enclosure. The interface supports multiple languages, available in two language pack options.

The DVC2000 uses a two-stage positioner design. The pre-amplifier stage provides high static gain for responsiveness to small changes in the input signal. The power amplifier stage delivers the right volume of air to the actuator, combining superior dynamic performance with minimal steady-state air consumption.
The high performance, linkage-less feedback system eliminates physical contact between the valve stem and the positioner. 

There is no wear of parts so cycle life is maximized. Additionally, the elimination of levers and linkages reduces the number of mounting parts and the mounting complexity. Positioner replacement and maintenance is simplified because the feedback parts stay connected to the actuator stem.
Designed to meet intrinsically safe and non-incendive requirements, this instrument delivers scalable functionality and high performance in a small package.