ABB TZIDC-200 Explosion Proof Electro-Pneumatic Intelligent Positioner-V18348

Tzidc200 Electro-Pneumatic Intelligent Positioner has a wide range of applications, intelligent, support HART communication, explosion-proof shel.

Product Details

Tzidc-200 intelligent positioner has the advantages of compact structure, modularization and high cost performance. All the control parameters are automatically defined by the positioner to adapt to the field conditions, ensure excellent control performance and save debugging time.

Fieldbus and Hart – tzidc-200

ABB provides corresponding driver files for various bus protocol instruments. The version matrix can query the software version of each protocol and the compatible hardware version.

Hart – software: DTM, EDD

Offline tools: ABB provides software to configure and monitor these instruments.

Fieldbus solutions: ABB provides comprehensive fieldbus instruments, accessories, tools and supporting documents.

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