Yokogawa Temperature Transmitter YTA610-JA1C4NB/KU2

The YTA610 provides high accuracy, stability and reliability.The shell structure adopts reliable two-compartment structure.The sensor input has single input and double input. The double input can accept the difference or average value calculated by the two sensors and the sensor backup function

Product Details

Yokogawa Temperature Transmitter YTA610-JA1C4NB/KU2

The YTA610 enables advanced linearization of 21 types of industrial temperature sensors and input signals. The A/D accuracy of the representative Pt100 sensor is 0.14°C. Analog D/A accuracy of the output is 0.03%。The dual sensor input capability.With transmitter processing capability, this dual input can be used to provide faulty sensor backup, temperature averaging, or differential temperature measurements


-J                               4 to 20 mA DC with digital communication HART 7protocol

A                                Always A

1                                 Single

C                                 Stainless

4                                 M20 female

N                                None

B                                 SUS304 stainless steel 2-inch horizontal pipe mounting bracket *1

KU2                              4-20mA: [Intrinsically safe approval ] Applicable Standard: EN 60079-0: 2012+A11:2013, EN 60079-11: 2012 Certificate No. FM16ATEX0019X II 1 G Ex ia IIC T5…T4 Ga  Ambient Temperature: –40 to 70°C for T4, –40 to 50°C for T5 Enclosure: IP66/IP67 Entity Parameters:  Supply/Output circuit: Ui=30V, Ii=200mA, Pi=1.0W, Ci=22nF, Li=0mH Sensor circuit: Uo=6V, Io=90mA, Po=135mW, Co=10μF, Lo=3.9mH Dielectric strength: 500 V a.c.r.m.s.,1 min [+, -, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] to Earth terminal  [+, -, C] to [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] [Flameproof and Dust Ignition Proof Approval] Applicable Standard: EN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013, EN 60079-1:2007, EN 60079-31:2009 Certificate: KEMA 07ATEX0130 II 2 G Ex d IIC T6/T5 Gb, II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T70°C, T90°C Db Ambient Temperature for Gas Atmospheres: –40 to 75°C for T6, –40 to 80°C for T5 Ambient Temperature for Dust Atmospheres: –30 to 65°C for T70°C, –30 to 80°C for T90°C Enclosure: IP66/IP67 Electrical Connection: 1/2 NPT female and M20 female*1


High reliability 

Dual-compartment housing realizes high resistance  capability to harsh environments. 

Variety of sensor inputs 

The type of sensor input is user-selectable from  thermocouples (T/C), RTDs, ohms, or DC millivolts.

Digital communication 

HART protocol revision is 7 and FOUNDATION fieldbusTM ITK vesion is 6.2.  The instrument configuration can be changed by the  user with using the Fieldmate or Handheld terminal. 

Local Parameter Setting 

Parameter configuration by the push button offers  easy and quick setup for parameters.

Self-diagnostics function 

Continuous self-diagnostics capability ensures  longterm performance and lower cost of ownership. 

Dual universal inputs 

Dual input can accept two thermocouple, RTD,  ohm or DC millivolt inputs. Differential or average  temperature measurement is selectable. The sensor  backup function for automatically switches-over from  the primary to the backup upon sensor failure.


2-inch horizontal pipe mounting

TerminalsYTA610 (4)

YTA610 (3)

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