Rosemount0065C23D0150N0315A1 Temperature Sensors

RosemountDIN-Style Temperature Sensors and Thermowells RTDs (0065) and thermocouples (0185) available to meet any process requirement.DIN-style for easy installation and replacement.Integrated temperature assembly with Rosemount transmitters available.

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Rosemount0065C23D0150N0315A1 Temperature Sensors

■ Available in a wide variety of sensing technologies – RTD and  thermocouples. 

■ All sensor styles and lengths are available in 6 mm diameter 

■ State of the art manufacturing procedures provide robust  element packaging and increasing reliability 

■ Industry-leading calibration capabilities allow for  Callendar-Van Dusen values to give increased accuracy when  paired with Rosemount transmitters 

■ Optional Class A accuracy for critical temperature  measurement points


■ An “Assemble Sensor to Specific Transmitter” option enables  Emerson to provide a complete point temperature solution,  delivering an installation-ready transmitter and sensor  assembly. 

■ Emerson has a complete portfolio of single point and high  density temperature measurement solutions, allowing you to  effectively measure and control your processes with the  reliability you trust from Rosemount products.

The Rosemount DIN-Style Sensor and Thermowell have designs that provide  flexible and reliable temperature measurements in process environments. Features include: 

■ Temperature range of -196 to 600 °C for RTD, -40 to 1000 °C for  thermocouple 

■ Industry-standard sensor types, including RTD and thermocouple varieties 

■ DIN-style design for easy mounting and replacement 

■ Variety of enclosure and connection head options 

■ Global hazardous-location approvals available 

■ Calibration services available to give you insight to sensor performance  

■ MID calibration options for custody transfer 

■ Assemble to transmitter option

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