Rosemount 0078N21N00N045E5 Sensor And Thermowell

The Rosemount 78 Sensor and Thermowell have designs that provide flexible and reliable temperature measurements in process environments.Features include:Industry-standard Pt-100 RTD Single Element High Temperature RTD or Dual Element RTD Variety of enclosure and connection head options.

Product Details

Rosemount 0078N21N00N045E5 Sensor and Thermowell

Model  Product description
0078 Platinum temperature sensor without thermowell

Connection headSensor only with 6-in. PTFE-insulated, 22-gauge lead wires
Sensor typeSpring-loaded style
Extension typeNone (use with extension length Option code 00)
Extension length (E)0.0 -in.
Thermowell materialNo thermowell required
Sensor immersion length (L)4.5-in.
Approval optionsFM Explosion-proof approval (see Figure 42)

Rosemount Series 68, 68Q, and 78 RTD and Series 183 Thermocouple Sensors may be ordered as complete assemblies. These  assemblies provide a complete, yet simple means of specifying the proper industrial hardware for most temperature measurements. One assembly model number, derived from one ordering table, completely defines the type of sensing element, as well as the  material, length, and style of both the extension fittings and thermowells. All sensor assemblies are sized and inspected by Emerson  Process Management to ensure complete component compatibility and performance.

Please refer to the table of selection parameters for details.

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