Honeywell SmartLine Temperature Transmitter—STT850-S-0-A-GHC-11S-A-00A0

STT850 is a high performance temperature transmitter offering high accuracy and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus compliant to ITK 6.1.2 .Stability over a wide range of process and ambient temperatures.

Product Details

Honeywell SmartLine Temperature Transmitter—STT850-S-0-A-GHC-11S-A-00A0

The SmartLine Temperature Transmitter is designed and  manufactured to deliver very high performance across  varying ambient temperature. The total accuracy of the  transmitter including the ambient temperature effect in  harsh industrial environments, allows the STT850 to replace  virtually any competitive transmitter available today.

STT850 (6)

  S                   Single

  0                    N o

  A                   FM Explosion proof, Intrinsically Safe, Non-incendive, & Dustproof

  G                   316 Stainless Steel (Grade CF8M)  ;  1/2 NPT ;  Yes

  H                   4-20mA dc  ; HART Protocol

  C                   Basic  ;  Yes  ; English

  1                   Standard Diagnostics

  1                    Disabled  ;  High> 21.0mAdc ;Honeywell Std (3.8 - 20.8 mAdc)

  S                    Factory Standard

  A                   Standard  ;    Factory Std ; Single Calibration

  0                    None  ;    None

  0                    No customer tag

  A0                  No Conduit Plugs or Adapters Required 

Mounting & Dimensional Drawings

STT850 (7)

* Note 1: Figure 5. Housing adapter may not be present on all transmitter models. If the housing adapter is not present,  subtract 24,5mm (0,96 inches) from the dimension specified.

Reliable measurement  

o Built in Galvanic Isolation 

o Differential/Averaging/Redundant/Split Range  measurements 

o Dual Compartment Housing 

o Sensor Break detection 

o Comprehensive on-board diagnostic capabilities 

o Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements.  

o Available with 15 year warranty 

o Supports Namur 107 Extended Diagnostics 

o Supports Namur 89 Wire break 

o Direct entry of Callendar-van Dusen coefficients  R0, α, δ and β for calibrated RTD sensors (not  available on DE units)

Performance under Rated Conditions – All Models

STT850 (2)

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