Yokogawa EJA438E-JBSCG-919DB-WZ2CZSW00-BA26/KS21/M2W Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitter

EJA438E accuracy ± 0.2%. Response time 200ms.TUV and Exida SIL2 / SIL3 authentication.10 signal curve characterization.The capillary refill fluid density was compensated actively.

Product Details

Yokogawa EJA438E-JBSCG-919DB-WZ2CZSW00-BA26/KS21/M2W Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitter

It also features quick response, remote setup and  monitoring via BRAIN or HART communications and  self-diagnostics. FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS  PA and 1 to 5 V DC with HART (Low Power) protocol  types are also available. All EJA-E series models  in their standard configuration, with the exception  of the Fieldbus, PROFIBUS and Low Power types,  are certified as complying with SIL 2 for safety  requirement.


Zero-based calibrated span, linear output, wetted  parts material code SW for 3-inch flange flush type,  fill fluid code B, and capillary length of 5 m.

Specification Conformance 

EJA-E series ensures specification conformance to at  least ±3σ.

Reference Accuracy of Calibrated Span (includes terminal-based linearity, hysteresis, and  repeatability)


Response Time (All capsules)  

200 ms (approximate value at normal temperature)  When software damping is set to zero and including  dead time of 45 ms (nominal)

Ambient Temperature Limits

−40 to 60°C (−40 to 140°F) 

−30 to 60°C (−22 to 140°F) with LCD display (Note: The ambient temperature limits must be within the  fill fluid operating temperature range, see table 1.)

Ambient Humidity Limits 

0 to 100% RH


-J                     4 to 20 mA DC with digital communication (HART 5/HART 7 protocol)*1

B                           0.46 to 16 MPa (67 to 2300 psi)*2

S                           Always S

C                           Always C

G                           316L SST

-9                          Horizontal piping type and left side high pressure

1                            Cast aluminum alloy

9                            M20 female, two electrical connections with a blind plug *5

D                            Digital indicator*6

B                            304 SST 2-inch pipe mounting, flat type (for horizontal piping)

-W                            Flush type

A1                          ANSI class 150

2                       2-inch (50 mm)

B                            2-inch (50 mm)

1                             Serration (for ANSI flange with wetted parts material SW only)

SW                            316L SST

0                             None

0                             None

-B                           For general use (silicone oil) –30 to 180°C –15 to 60°C

A                               Side of diaphragm seal unit

2                             Always 2

6                             6 m

KS21                       ATEX Intrinsically safe Approval *1*3 Applicable Standard: EN 60079-0:2009, EN 60079-11:2007, EN 60079:2012, EN 60079-26:2007,  EN 61241-11:2006 Certificate: DEKRA 11ATEX0228 X II 1G, 2D Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ex ia IIIC T85°C T100°C T120°C Db Degree of protection: IP66/IP67 Amb. Temp. (Tamb) for EPL Ga: –50 to 60°C (–58 to 140°F)  Maximum Process Temp. (Tp) for EPL Ga:120°C Electrical data: Ui=30 V, Ii=200 mA, Pi=0.9 W, Ci=27.6 nF, Li=0 µH Amb. Temp. for EPL Db: –30 to 60°C *2 Max. surface Temp. for EPL Db: T85°C (Tp: 80°C), T100°C (Tp: 100°C), T120°C (Tp: 120°C)

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