Yokogawa EJA438E Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitter

EJA438E diaphragm sealed pressure transmitter adopts monocrystal silicon resonant sensor technology, which is suitable for measuring the pressure and liquid level of high and low temperature, high vacuum, high viscosity and easy crystallizing medium. It has the functions of quick response, remote setting and self-diagnosis.

Product Details

Yokogawa EJA438E Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Diaphragm sealed transmitter can meet various demands and applications through the combination of pressure measuring flange and transmitter body. It can measure liquid level, density, pressure and flow rate of liquid, gas and steam. It is also suitable for the case that the measured medium cannot be introduced into the pressure part of transmitter.And through the precise design and manufacture, reduce the interference caused by the physical characteristics of the sealed liquid and the ambient temperature, and provide accurate, stable and reliable measurement.

EJA438E features include

Accuracy of + / - 0.2%

The response time is 200 milliseconds

TUV and Exida SIL2 / SIL3 certifications

Ten-segment signal curve representation

The capillary refill fluid density was compensated actively

Quick response, remote setup and monitoring via BRAIN or HART communications and self-diagnostics.


Protection level                                     IP66/IP67, NEMA 4X

Accuracy                                               ±0.2%

Explosion proof specification                NEPSI, FM, CENELEC ATEX, CSA, IECEx

Output signal                                         4~20mA DC, BRAIN, HART/HART(1~5V DC) low power,                                                                               FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA two- wire digital   communication

Installation                                             transmitter: 2-inch tube installationDiaphragm seal: Flange mounting

Diaphragm material                               316 SST 316LSST, Hahn alloy C-276, tantalum, titanium, nickel, Monel

Flange material                                       S25C, 304 SST, 316 SST

Case                                                        cast aluminum alloy, corrosion resistant cast aluminum alloy ASTMCF-8M stainless steel

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