Japan Yokogawa EJA430E Traditional-mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter

± 0.055% Accuracy (0.04% Accuracy optional) ± 0.1% Stability per 10 years 90 ms Response Time Exida and TUV SIL 2/3 Certified

Product Details

Japan yokogawa EJA430E Traditional-mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter

The high performance gauge pressure transmitter EJA430E features single crystal silicon resonant sensor and is suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam pressure. The EJA430E outputs a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure.It also features quick response, remote setup and monitoring via BRAIN or HART communications and self-diagnostics. F OUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA and 1 to 5 V DC with HART (Low Power) protocol types are also available. All EJA-E series models in their standard

configuration, with the exception of the Fieldbus, PROFIBUS and Low Power types, are certified as

complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement.

EJA430E features include:

Available with HART 5/7, 1 to 5V HART 7 (Low Power), FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA, or BRAIN communication.