Valve Positioner For Petroleum And Natural Gas Equipment AVP100

Valve positioner consists of a feedback control system that takes stem displacement as measurement signal and controller output as setting signal.The operating variable of the control system is the output signal of the valve positioner to the actuator.

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Valve positioner for petroleum and natural gas equipment AVP100

According to the structure by pneumatic valve positioner, valve positioner, electricity and gas valve positioner and intelligent valve positioner, is the main control valve accessories, usually with pneumatic control valve, it accepts regulator output signal, and then to its output signal to control the pneumatic control valve, when the regulator, the displacement of the stem and by feedback mechanism to valve positioner, valve position condition through the electrical signal to the upper system.


  1. For large diameter (Dg>100mm) regulating valves to increase the thrust output of actuator.

  2. When the distance between the regulator and the actuator is more than 60m, the positioning device can overcome the delay in the transmission of control signals and improve the response speed of the valve.

  3. for valve with large differential pressure (△p>1MPa).

  4. It is used for important regulating system with high requirement on regulating quality to improve the positioning accuracy and reliability of regulating valve.

safety precautions

Proper installation, proper operation and maintenance after installation are essential for the safe use of smart valve positioners

The safety instructions in this manual are divided into three types: warning, note and note



                                                            image   WARN

Indicates a potential danger.Neglect of the situation can be fatal or fatal
                                                            image   ATTENTION                                                    
Indicates a potential danger.Damage, if neglected, may result in minor damage to the operator or equipment。            

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