Ultra High Precision And Stability Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter

The Rosemount 3144P single point temperature transmitter provides industry leading process measurement solutions Program and diagnostic features provide unmatched on-site reliability and innovation

Product Details

Ultra high precision and stability Rosemount 3144P temperature transmi

The transmitter has the following characteristics:

● Supports dual sensor and single sensor inputs

●Transmitter - sensor matching 

● Integrated lightning protection terminal 

● IEC 61508 security Certification 

●Advanced sensor and process diagnostics capabilities 

● Readable large LCD display 

● "Assemble to sensor" option

Improve efficiency with first - class product specifications and performance

• Reduce maintenance and improve performance with industry-leading accuracy and stability
• Improved measurement accuracy by 75% through transmitter - sensor matching
• Ensure good working conditions with system alerts and easy-to-use device dashboards
• Easily check device status and values on a local LCD display with a large percentage range of graphics

• High reliability and ease of installation with the industry's most durable two-room design

Physical Specifications

electrical interface

Standard field installation housing with -14 NPT cable inlet. There are other types of cable inPort, including PG13.5 (PG11), M20 X 1.5 (CM20) or JIS G. In the order Any such entry requires an adapter to be installed on the standard field housing for these classes Type I cables are properly installed.

Structural materials

Electronic housing

    ● Low cu-Al or CF-8M (cast 316 stainless steel).

The paint

    ● polyurethane

Enclosure protection grade

   ● 4 x

   ● IP66 and IP68

The stability of

   ● Thermal resistance: -± 0.1% or 0.1 C for 24 months for a higher valueShall prevail.

   ● Thermocouple: -± 0.1% or 0.1 C for 12 months to maintain readings at a higher valueShall prevail.

 Ambient temperature influence

   Transmitters may be installed at ambient temperatures between -- 40 and 85 C (-- 40 and 185 °F).


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