The Ball For The Goods Rosemount 1199 Remote Diaphragm System

For the Rosemount 3051S, 3051, 1151 and 2088 transmitters.Used for liquid level, flow rate, pressure, interface and density The amount of test.

Product Details

 The ball for the goods  Rosemount 1199 remote diaphragm system

The Rosemount 1199 remote diaphragm system offers the world's widest range of products and specifications to meet a wide range of measurement and application requirements.The properties of the remote diaphragm seal system can be calculated and the configuration and configuration of the meter type can be confirmed.

Booking cargo information

1.Determine the type of pressure transformer

2.Determine the type of diaphragm seal assembly

3.Order feeder/seal system

An annotation item of a particular structure configuration

It is possible to determine the position of the diaphragm seal assembly on the transformer with respect to the high or low pressure side. It is also possible to order two different diaphragm seal assemblies for one transformer. In this case, you must indicate to which side each diaphragm seal assembly needs to be fixed.


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1199 (2)

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Shaanxi Tebess Electronic Technology Co. LTD established on June 8th of 2010. 

We are authorized instruments distributor of yokogawa, Rosemount, Endress Hauser, honeywell , ABB, YTC .

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temperature transmitter,flow meterS and valve position

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