Rosemount 8732EST2A1E2M4C1D1DTQ4 Magnetic Flowmeter

Rosemount 8732 Transmitter - Integral-mount design, backlit display, and explosion-proof housing. Available with HART®, FOUNDATION fieldbus, or PROFIBUS PA, Device Diagnostics, and Smart Meter Verification to improve reliability and performance. Industry leading performance with standard reference accuracy of 0.25% of rate with an optional High Accuracy of 0.15% of rate.

Product Details

Rosemount 8732EST2A1E2M4C1D1DTQ4 Magnetic Flowmeter

Rosemount 8732 Magmeters provide device diagnostics that powers PlantWeb and informs the user of abnormal situations  throughout the life of the meter - from Installation to Maintenance and Meter Verification. With Rosemount  Magmeter diagnostics enabled, users can change their practices to improve plant availability and throughput, and reduce costs  through simplified installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. It  has multiple diagnostic suites available. Best in class performance  coupled with advanced diagnostics provides unparalleled process management capabilities. With  an optional backlit 2 line by 16 character display/local operator interface, the transmitter can be  configured by optical switches to simplify adjustments in hazardous environments without  removing the cover.

Rosemount 8732 transmitter specifications

8732 (2)

Electrode selection

8732 (3)

Transmitter coil drive current

500 mA

Flow rate range

Capable of processing signals from fluids that are traveling  between 0.04 and 39 ft/s (0.01 to 12 m/s) for both forward and  reverse flow in all sensor sizes. Full scale continuously adjustable  between –39 and 39 ft/s (–12 to 12 m/s)

Conductivity limits

Process liquid must have a conductivity of 5 microsiemens/cm  (5 micromhos/cm) or greater.  

Power supply

90-250 VAC, 50–60 Hz or 12-42 VDC 

Line power fuses 90-250 VAC systems 

2 amp, Quick-acting Bussman AGC2 or equivalent

12-42 VDC systems

3 amp, Quick-acting Bussman AGC3 or equivalent 

Power consumption 

15 watts maximum - DC 

40 VA maximum - AC 

Switch-on current 

AC: Maximum 35.7 A (< 5 ms) at 250 VAC 

DC: Maximum 42 A (< 5 ms)

8732 ambient temperature limits


–58 to 165 °F (–50 to 74 °C) without local  operator interface

–4 to 140 °F (–20 to 60 °C) with local operator interface


–40 to 185 °F (–40 to 85 °C) without local operator  interface

–22 to 176 °F (–30 to 80 °C) with local operator interface

8732 humidity limits

0–95% RH to 140 °F (60 °C)

Dimensional drawings

8732 (4)

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