Rosemount 8700 Series -8705 Magnetic Flowmeter

Rosemount 8705 Magnetic Flowmeter Standard Process Sensor.Flanged Process Connections.Welded, sealed coil housing.1/2-in. (15mm) to 36-in. (900mm). Pulse DC Technology.Standard, grounding, and bullet-nose electrodes available

Product Details

Rosemount 8700 Series -8705 Magnetic Flowmeter

The Rosemount 8705's obstructionless design features no moving parts, which minimizes maintenance and repair. The sensor features a removable and replaceable terminal block that enables easy repair in the field without the need to replace the entire meter. The 8705 also offers optional secondary containment compartments that surround electrodes and capture any potential process fluid leakage. An optional lining protector is also available to guard against installation damage and leading-edge wear.


Functional specifications

Process temperature limits

PTFE Lining

–20 to 350 °F (–29 to 177 °C)

ETFE Lining

–20 to 300 °F (–29 to 149 °C) 

PFA Lining 

-20 to 350 °F (-29 to 177 °C) 

Polyurethane Lining

0 to 140 °F (–18 to 60 °C) 

Neoprene Lining

0 to 176 °F (–18 to 80 °C)

Linatex lining

0 to 158 °F (–18 to 70 °C)

Extreme service polyurethane lining

0 to 200 °F (–18 to 93 °C) 

Extreme service PFA lining 

-20 to 350 °F (–29 to 177 °C)

Ambient temperature limits

–20 to 150 °F (–29 to 65 °C)


Conductive liquids and slurries

Line sizes

1/2–in. to 36-in. (15 mm to 900 mm) for Rosemount 8705 

 Sensor coil resistance

8705: 7 - 16  

Rosemount flanged sensor ordering information

The Standard offering represents the most common options. The starred options () should be selected for best delivery. __The Expanded offering is subject to additional delivery lead time.


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