Rosemount 644HAI1AM5Q4+0065109D0150N0600A1XA Temperature Transmitter

Reduce complexity and simplify the day to day operations of your diverse temperature applications with the versatile Rosemount 644+0065 family of temperature transmitters. Make better decisions for your process with the new and easy to use Rosemount 644+0065 Transmitter capabilities including: diagnostics, safety certification, integral transient protection and display options.

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Rosemount 644HAI1AM5Q4+0065109D0150N0600A1XA Temperature Transmitter

The Rosemount 644 is a Versatile Temperature Transmitter that  delivers field reliability and advanced accuracy and stability to  meet demanding process needs.The Rosemount 644 is a Versatile Temperature Transmitter that  delivers field reliability and advanced accuracy and stability to  meet demanding process needs.

■ Diagnostic information and process health at your finger tips with intuitive Device Dashboards. 

■ Communication clips are easily accessible when an LCD display is attached. 

■ Easy wiring practices with captive sensor screw terminals, an optimized wiring diagram, and field mount enclosure option.

■ DIN-style sensor uses connection heads that allow quick  mounting and replacement while maintaining environmental  integrity. 

■ Terminal block, flying leads, and spring loaded threaded  adapter styles offer remote or integral transmitter mounting  configuration.

Fit your needs within one model family with a  customizable transmitter design

■ DIN Head mount, field mount, and rail mount form factors 

■ 4-20 mA /HART® with Selectable Revisions, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS® PA Protocol  support 

■ SIL3 Capable: IEC 61508 certified by an accredited 3rd party agency for use in safety  instrumented systems up to SIL 3 [Minimum                

■requirement of single use (1oo1) for SIL 2 and  redundant use (1oo2) for SIL 3]  

■ Enhanced display with Local Operator Interface                                   

■ LCD display                                                                                                                                                    ■ Integral Transient Protection     

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