Rosemount 2700C12ABZEZZZ Transmitter

Powerful adaptability to your installation needs combined with ultimate flexibility in output connections provides the proper fit for your application.

Product Details

Rosemount 2700C12ABZEZZZ Transmitter

MVD technology makes your  Micro Motion meter work smarter.Smart Meter Verification: advanced  diagnostics for your entire system.Mounting and Installation flexibility  to fit your exact needs.Connection and Interface adaptability  for seamless integration.

Provides reduced wiring costs through use of  standard 4 wire instrument cable

Connection to new or existing Micro Motion  sensors easily achieved through flexible  configurations

Form factors include rugged field mounts with a  full suite of hazardous area approvals or DIN rail  packages for cost effective control room cabinets

Broad combinations of analog and frequency  outputs allow for you to get signals where you  need them

For applications requiring simultaneous monitoring of multiple flow variables 

● Selected combinations of outputs including milliamp, frequency, and discrete I/O 

● Modbus, HART, WirelessHART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and PROFIBUS-PA digital communications 

●Simultaneously outputs multiple variables, including: mass flow rate, volume flow rate, gas standard  volume flow rate, density, temperature, and drive gain

Compact, integral mounting to sensor with 360 degrees of rotation, or field mount option to a 4-wire or  9-wire Micro Motion sensor.

Compatible with a Smart Wireless THUM Adapter for WirelessHART capability  

Available with Smart Meter Verification

Petroleum measurement  Adds the following calculations to the standard software: 

● Calculates base density (corrected API Gravity) and Ctl (the  correction for the effect of temperature on a liquid) 

● Calculates gross volume at standard temperature 

● Calculates flow-weighted average temperature and flowweighted average observed gravity (flowing density)


● Three pairs of wiring  terminals for  transmitter I/O and  communications


● One pair of wiring terminals accepts AC or DC power

● One internal ground lug for power-supply ground wiring

Service port 

●Two clips for temporary connection to the service port

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