Rosemount 1700C12ABFEZZZPK Transmitter

Powerful adaptability to your installation needs combined with ultimate flexibility in output connections provides the proper fit for your application.

Product Details

Rosemount 1700C12ABFEZZZPK Transmitter

For applications requiring only mass flow or volume flow measurement

● Milliamp and a frequency/pulse output 

●HART or Modbus digital communications 

● Outputs one of: mass flow rate, volume flow rate, or gas standard volume flow rate

Compact, integral mounting to sensor with 360 degrees of rotation, or field mount option to a 4-wire or  9-wire Micro Motion sensor.

Class I, Division 1/Zone 1 local operator interface: 

● Standard display supports English, French, Spanish, and German languages 

● Chinese-language display supports English and Chinese languages  

● View process variables, handle alarms, control totalizers, meter configuration, and more 

● Interface functions can be customized and password protected

Concentration measurement 

Provides concentration measurement based on either industryspecific or liquid-specific units and relationships. Standard  measurement options include: 

● Industry-specific: 

- °Brix - °Plato                                                          - °Balling 

- °Baumé at SG60/60                                               - Specific gravity 

● Liquid-specific: 

- %HFCS 

- Concentration derived from reference density 

- Concentration derived from specific gravity 

Additionally, the application can be customized for site-specific  concentration measurement (such as %HNO3, %NaOH).

Petroleum measurement 

 Adds the following calculations to the standard software:

● Calculates base density (corrected API Gravity) and Ctl (the  correction for the effect of temperature on a liquid) 

● Calculates gross volume at standard temperature 

● Calculates flow-weighted average temperature and flowweighted average observed gravity (flowing density)


● Intrinsically safe version: Two  pairs of wiring terminals for  transmitter outputs 

● Non-intrinsically safe analog  outputs (output option A): Three  pairs of wiring terminals for  transmitter outputs


● Self switching AC/DC input, automatically recognizes supply voltage 

● Complies with low voltage directive 2006/95/EC per EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) with  amendment 2; Installation (Overvoltage) Category II, Pollution Degree 2 

● AC power: 85 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6 watts typical, 11 watts maximum 

● DC power: 

- 18 to 100 VDC, 6 watts typical, 11 watts maximum 

- Minimum 22 VDC with 1000 feet of 18 AWG (300 meters of 0.8 mm2 ) power

-supply cable 

-At startup, transmitter power source must provide a minimum of 1.5 amperes of short-term  current at a minimum of 18 volts at the transmitter’s power input terminals 

● Fuse: IEC 127-1.25 non-serviceable fuse, slow blow

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