Rosemount 0078N21A30A075T22E5Sensor And Thermowell

RTD and thermocouple offering in single and dual sensor models. Barstock thermowell offering in wide range of materials and process connections. Calibration capabilities for increased measurement accuracy. Sanitary RTD for hygienic applications

Product Details

Rosemount 0078N21A30A075T22E5Sensor and Thermowell

Optimize plant efficiency and increase measurement reliability with  industry-proven design and specifications.Available in a variety of sensing technologies – RTD and thermocouples . All sensor styles and lengths are available in 1/4-in. diameter.

Rosemount Series 78 RTD Sensor Assemblies with Thermowell

Product descriptionPlatinum temperature sensor with thermowell
Connection headSensor only with 6-in. PTFE-insulated, 24-gauge lead wires
Single element temperature sensors21 Spring-loaded style
Extension typeNipple coupling
Extension length (E)3.0-in.
Thermowell material316 SST
Immersion length (U)7.5-in.
Thermowell styleThreaded
Approval optionsFM Explosion-proof approval 

Please refer to the product data sheet for detailed parameters

Temperature range 

–50 to 400 °C (–58 to 752 °F) 

Effect of temperature cycling

±0.05% (0.13 °C or 0.23 °F) maximum ice-point resistance shift  following 10 cycles over the specified temperature range


±0.11% 0.28 °C or 0.51 °F maximum ice-point resistance shift  following 1,000 hours at maximum specified temperature  (400 °C)

Maximum hysteresis 

±0.1% of operating temperature range

Time constant 

12 seconds maximum required to reach 63.2% sensor response  in water flowing at 3 ft/s (0.91 m/s)

Nominal R0 100 Ohm 

Nominal alpha 0.00385 Ω/Ω °C

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0078 (2)

0065 (3)

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