Honeywell STF724-E1AC4A-41F-A-AHS-11S-A-00A0 Single Flange Transmitter

STF700 products feature piezoresistive sensor technology combining pressure sensing with on chip temperature compensation capabilities providing high accuracy, stability and performance over a wide range of application pressures and temperatures.Accuracies up to 0.05% standard.Stability up to 0.015% of URL per year for ten years .Automatic static pressure & temperature compensation . Rangeability up to 100:1 . Response times as fast as 90ms.

Product Details

Honeywell STF724-E1AC4A-41F-A-AHS-11S-A-00A0 Single flange transmitter

Honeywell model STF725.Parameters are: pressure measurement range  -0.1 -- 0.7/mPa, type intelligent pressure transmitter /mPa.This one  sensor actually integrates multiple sensors linking process  pressure measurement with on-board static pressure (DP  Models) and temperature compensation measurements.  


Integral Three Button Configuration 

Option  Suitable for all electrical and environmental requirements,  SmartLine offers the ability to configure the transmitter and  display via three externally accessible buttons when a  display option is selected. Zero/span capabilities are also  optionally available via these buttons with or without  selection of the display option.

Modular Design  

To help contain maintenance & inventory costs, all ST 700  transmitters are modular in design supporting the user’s  ability to replace meter bodies, add indicators or change  electronic modules without affecting overall performance or  approval body certifications. Each meter body is uniquely  characterized to provide in-tolerance performance over a  wide range of application variations in temperature and  pressure and due to the Honeywell advanced interface,  electronic modules may be swapped with any electronics  module without losing in-tolerance performance  characteristics.  

Operating Conditions – All Models

STF700 (4)

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)

STF700 (5)

Power Supply  

Voltage: 10.8 to 42.4Vdc at terminals  

Load: Maximum 1440 ohms See Figure 2.  

Minimum Load: 0 ohms. (For handheld communications a  minimum load of 250 ohms is required)

Power Supply Requirements  

Voltage: 9.0 to 32.0Vdc at terminals  

Steady State Current: 17.6mAdc  

Software Download Current: 27.4mAdc

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