Honeywell STA700 SmartLine Absolute Pressure STA72S-E1G000-1-0-AH0-11S-A-00A0

The SmartLine family pressure transmitters are designed around a high performance piezo-resistive sensor. This one sensor actually integrates multiple sensors linking process pressure measurement with on-board static pressure (DP Models) and temperature compensation measurements

Product Details

Honeywell STA700 SmartLine Absolute Pressure STA72S-E1G000-1-0-AH0-11S-A-00A0

STA700 is a high performance absolute pressure transmitter with advanced sensor technology.STA700 provides extremely high measurement accuracy and stability over a wide range of static pressures and temperatures by combining absolute pressure with static pressure and temperature compensation on the sensor chip.


                                 URL/Max Span                LRL                Min Span                             Units

STA72S                    780 (1040)                    0 (0)                  50 (65.0)                  mm HgA (mbarA) STA72S

E                             316 Stainless Steel /316 Stainless Stee

1                             Silicone Oil 200

G                              Same as Process Head 1a    1/2" NPT (female)

0                               None

0                               None

0                               None

1                               High Side Left, Ref Side Right2 / Std Head Orientation

0                               No Approvals Required

A                              Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum      1/2 NPT          None

H                              HART Protocol         4-20mA dc

C                               None

1                               Standard Diagnostics

1                               Honeywell Std (3.8 - 20.8 mAdc)         High> 21.0mAdc             Disabled

S                               Factory Standard

A                              Single Calibration  Factory Std   Standard

0                               None

0                               No customer tag

A0                            No Conduit Plugs or Adapters Required

Honeywell STA700 Extreme pressure transmitter similar characteristics:

● Accuracy of calibration range is up to 0.065%

● Stability: 0.02% full range, keep for 5 years

● Automatic temperature compensation

● Range ratio 100:1

● Fast response time up to 100ms

● Alphanumeric display function

● External zero, range and configuration functions

● Power polarity arbitrary connection

● Perfect self-diagnosis function

● Integrated dual seal design based on ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.0 to ensure safety

● Standard configuration fully meets SIL2/3 requirements.

● Full module design.

STA700 absolute pressure transmitter performance under rated conditions:

●Analog digital communication: two wire, 4~20mA,HART7 protocol

●Fault output mode

●Normal range: 3.8-20.8mA

●Failure mode;3.6 or less mA and acuity 21.0 mA

●Rules of NAMUR NE43

●Normal range: 3.8-20.5mA

●Fault mode: ≤3.6mA and ≥21.0mA

●Influence of power supply voltage: 0.005% of the range per volt

●Response time (delay + time constant) : 100ms

●Damping time constant: it can be adjusted within 0~32s and increased to 0.1s.Default value: 0.50s。

Modular Design  

To help contain maintenance & inventory costs, all ST 700  transmitters are modular in design supporting the user’s  ability to replace meter bodies, standard displays or  electronic modules without affecting overall performance.  Each meter body is uniquely characterized to provide intolerance performance over a wide range of application  variations in temperature and pressure.

Modular Features  

• Meter body replacement  

• Add or remove standard displays 

• Add or remove lightning protection (terminal  connection)

With no performance effects, Honeywell’s unique modularity  results in lower inventory needs and lower overall operating  costs.

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