Honeywell Single Flange Transmitter STF724-E1HS6A-J1F-A-ADC-11C-B-01A6-F1-0000

STF700 series single flange transmitters are microprocessor based intelligent transmitters.The accuracy, reliability and long - term stability of the transmitter are improved.It can measure the differential pressure, pressure or liquid level of various liquids and gases, and output the corresponding 4-20mA analog signal and digital signal.Its unique automatic correction function for temperature and static pressure error enables it to meet the demanding service environment

Product Details

Honeywell Single Flange Transmitter STF724-E1HS6A-J1F-A-ADC-11C-B-01A6-F1-0000

By using ion-implanted silicon technology, static pressure and temperature sensors are assembled on differential pressure sensors to correct errors caused by process temperature and static pressure at any time, thus improving the measurement accuracy and stability.The DE protocol enables two-way digital communication with honeywell's ExperionPKSTM distributed control system and intelligent field communicator (SFC), eliminating analog signal transmission errors and facilitating transmitter debugging, calibration and fault diagnosis.

Technical parameters

Range: -0.1-0.7mpa;

Measurement accuracy: 0.065%;

Signal output: Two-wire system, 4 to 20 mA, HART 7 Protocol;

Stability: 0.025% full range for 5 years;

Range ratio: 100:1;

Corresponding time: 90ms;

Temperature compensation: Automatic temperature compensation

Product characteristics

Accuracy of calibration range is up to 0.065%

Annual stability up to 0.025%/ full range for 5 years

Automatic static pressure and temperature compensation

Range ratios as high as 100:1

Response times are up to 90ms fast

Easy to use and intuitive display features

Perfect self-diagnosis function

Integrated dual seal design based on ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.0 ensures high security

Overvoltage protection

The standard configuration is fully compliant with THE SIL2/3 requirements

Reference Accuracy  (conformance to +/-3 Sigma)  

STF700 (3)

Accuracy, Span, Temperature and Static Pressure Effect: (Conformance to +/-3 Sigma)  

STF700 (6)

Power Supply  

Voltage: 10.8 to 42.4Vdc at terminals  

Load: Maximum 1440 ohms 

Minimum Load: 0 ohms. (For handheld communications a  minimum load of 250 ohms is required)

Power Supply 

 Voltage: 10.8 to 42.4Vdc at terminals  

Load: Maximum 1440 ohms 

Standard Diagnostics  

ST 700 top level diagnostics are reported as either critical  or non-critical and readable via the DD/DTM tools or.

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