Original Imported Honeywell Differential Pressure Transmitter STD820-STD820-E1HC4AS-1-0-AHB-11S-A-10A0-F1

STD800 series differential pressure transmitters are designed around high-performance piezoresistive sensors.By combining differential pressure sensing with static pressure and temperature compensation on the chip, high precision and stability are provided

Product Details

Original imported Honeywell differential pressure transmitter STD820-STD820-E1HC4AS-1-0-AHB-11S-A-10A0-F1

All ST 800 transmitters are modular in design, supporting the user's ability to change instrument bodies, add indicators, or change electronic modules without affecting overall performance or approval authority certifications. The STD800 model is available with a variety of calibration options.In lieu of standard factory calibration, the unit may provide 1,2, or 3 customer specified calibrations.

Reference Accuracy

URL  : 400 in H2O  (1000mbar)

LRL  : -400 in H2O  (-1000mbar)

Min Span  : 1 in H2O (2.5mbar)

Maximum  Turndown  Ratio  :  400:1

Stability  (% URL/ Yr for 15 years)  :  0.010

Reference  Accuracy1,2 (% Span) Std/Opt  :  0.0375 / 0.025

Accuracy at Specified Span, Temperature and Static Pressure Effects: (conformance to +/-3)

STD800 (5)


STD800 (6)

E               Process Head Material:316 Stainless Steel      Diaphragm Material:316L Stainless Steel

1               Silicone Oil 200

H              Materials to Match Head & Head Bolt Materials Selections1

C              Carbon Steel

4              Dual Ended    Standard Vent    End   Matches Head Material1

A              Teflon® or PTFE (Glass Filled)

S              Standard Static Pressure - 4500 psig (310 bar) except STD810: 50 psi (3.5 bar)

1              High Side Left, Low Side Right2 / Std Head Orientation

0              No Approvals Required

A              Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum    1/2 NPT     None

H              4-20mA dc  HART Protocol

B              Basic   English

1              Standard Diagnostics

1              Disabled   High> 21.0mAdc  Honeywell Std (3.8 - 20.8 mAdc)

S              Factory Standard

A              Standard   Factory Std  Single Calibration

1              Angle Bracket    Carbon Steel

0              No customer tag

A0            No Conduit Plugs or Adapters Required

F1            Calibration Test Report & Certificate of Conformance (F3399)

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