Honeywell Absolute Pressure Transmitter-STA700 SmartLine Absolute Pressure Transmitter

As part of the SmartLine® series, the STA700 dual-tube type The Head and STA700 inline types are suitable for monitoring, control, and data acquisition.

Product Details

STA700 SmartLine Absolute pressure Transmitter  features piezoresistive sensor technology that combines pressure sensing with on-chip temperature compensation to provide high precision, stability and performance across a wide range of applications in the pressure and temperature range.Its accuracy is up to 0.065% of the calibration span.The STA700 series also provides digital diagnostics that significantly reduce overall operating costs.


Calibration span with accuracy up to 0.065%,

URL with stability up to 0.025%,

Automatic temperature compensation, up to 100:1,

Response time up to 100ms,

Easy to use and intuitive display capability

 Intuitive external zeros, spans, and configuration capabilities

 Airborne diagnostic capability

 Integral double seal design,

ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.0 O fully comply with the SIL 2/3 standard

Communications/Output Options: 

HART ® (version 7.0)

Modular Features  

Magic box to replace

Communication line modules are interchangeable

The LCD head can be added or removed

Replaceable lightning protection module (terminal)

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