Full Support For HART And F Fieldbus 475 Field Communicator

The 475 Field Communicator builds on the industry-leading technology of the 375 Field Communicator while adding innovative new capabilities including color display, Bluetooth communication, and advanced field diagnostics with applications like ValveLink™ Mobile.

Product Details

 Full support for HART and F Fieldbus   475 Field Communicator

The 475 field communicator is designed for simplicity

Your work in the field.The user is operating HART

And FF fieldbus devices are available when experienced straight

View the color graphical interface.It has a touch screen ratio

PDA or PDA is also large and supports HART Association

Versions 5, 6 and 7 (including WirelessHART)

And can be upgraded via the Internet.


Touch screen USES transfer reflection technology to make

Whether you are in sunlight or in ordinary light

Can read the information clearly.Multilayer backlight

Adjust the introduction of functions to ensure that the screen can be in no

The same light conditions, even in the factory dim

It's also readable under light.

Whether in the meter room or in the field, touch

Sensing screen and enlarged operation button are used

Faster and more convenient.


The 475 field communicator complies with all certification bodies and

Standard requirements for this security.All safe areas

Certifications are included in a single selection item (see

See order selection table)


The power module is also certified in the hazard loop

Install under environment.




475 (5)



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