Color Display, Bluetooth Communication 475 Field Communicat

Design, manufacture, and test of field communicators All tests are based on strict standards.Everywhere It can help you complete the task.

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Color display, Bluetooth communication 475 Field communicat

One reason it's called a "field communicator" is that

Because some of the work can only be performed on the instrument site

Line.The 475 field communicator is specialized for factory evil

The field communicator designed in bad working condition can accomplish the task for the field equipment.
Large buttons and navigation keys make one-handed operation more convenient

Easy, even with gloves on.strong

The display screen can withstand normal use in the factory

When the collision and knock.


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Any component maintenance, repair, or replacement operations not listed below must be performed by professionally trained personnel at authorized service centers.You can do the following general maintenance:

1  .Clean exterior of fuselage.Use only fleece-free dry towels or towels dampened with a mild soapy solution.

2.  Charge, remove and replace the battery.

3.  Remove and replace the system card.

4.  Remove and replace support.

5.  Ensure that all external screws are tightened.

6.  Make sure there is no dust or debris in the communications port depression.


475 (6)

475 (3)


The 475 field communicator needs to obtain about 12 mA of current from the field bus network segment.Make sure the power supply or safety grid in the fieldbus network segment provides this additional current.If the power consumption of the field bus network segment is close to the capacity of the power supply of the network segment, communication may be blocked after connecting the 475 field communicator.


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