USA GO Valve Pressure Regulator——PR1-1B11A5G111

The pressure regulator controls low to medium flow pressures in gas or liquid services.

Product Details

The PR-1 Series is a versatile pressure reducing  regulator designed to fulfi ll a wide range of needs in  instrumentation sample systems and other applications  such as semiconductor processing gases.

BRAND : GO valve

MODEL : PR1-1B11A5G111



PR1-1A01A3C111      PR1-4A01A3C384      PR1-6A01A3C384      PR1-1A11A3C111        PR1-4A11A3C384    PR1-6A11A3C384      PR1-1A31A3C111      PR1-4A31A3C384      PR1-6A31A3C384        PR11A41A3C111

PR1-4A41A3C384      PR1-6A41A3C384      PR1-1AH1A3C111     PR1-4AH1A3C384        PR11AK1A3C111

PR1-4AK1A3C384      PR1-6AK1A3C384      PR1-1C11H3G111     PR1-1C11H3E111     

GO (6)GO (2)

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