High Temperature Hand-held Infrared Thermomete RAYR3I2MSCL3 + 400-2000℃

Raytek® Raynger 3I Plus Infrared thermometer is a new generation of portable products, designed to meet industry standards, simple and safe to operate, and capable of meeting process performance requirements at high temperatures

Product Details

Comfortable grip, ensure operators can firmly grasp.Enhanced usability features include internal red-dot targeting technology, which enables accurate targeting when high temperature targets cannot be seen by laser targeting alone.The innovative thermometer also provides a mobile application that can be implemented quickly Data transmission and integration can also be used as an on - line thermometer.


More rugged - the user will be extended from its rugged designBenefits from battery life and faster exposure time.

Simpler - improve operator efficiency and minimize staffingForce and maintenance costs.

Safer - reduces the risk of costly accidents, indeedKeep operators safe. Reduce the risk of sensor overheating,Minimizes maintenance costs and process temperaturesFailure risk.

Metal smelting
Casting and thermal processing operations
High temperature furnace

Petrochemical furnace

Laser sight option:

infrared thermometer (2)

Figure 1.Dual lasers achieve accurate measurements of smaller targets, measuring the spot size as indicated by two laser points.

Figure 2.The red nose is made of heat-resistant plastic and has a built-in temperature sensor.If the sensor is measuring the critical alarm temperature, an alarm will be given on the 3I Plus LCD.

Figure3.When the target is bright or hot, the laser cannot be seen.The inner red dots within the scope will use red light to highlight the area where the temperature is being measured.

The picture:

infrared thermometer (8)_infrared thermometer (7)_

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