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Rosemount 3051 Has High Reliability And Excellent Stability

Mar 28, 2017

 1 : High reliability: the installation is put into use within the past two years, more than and 400 sets of Rosemount 3051 transmitter has been tested in a variety of applications,without a problem occurred, we ensure the smooth production, commissioning. So we are satisfied with the quality of 3051 transmitters and rest assured.



2 Excellent stability:measurement for  transmitter with rosemount changes in temperature, pressure and process drift, if in some small pressure, differential pressure measurement, this shift is likely to be more serious, there will be a great error. But the 3051 transmitter due to the unique sensor structure, Motorola special chip electronic manufacturing process, making this drift down to very low program (0.2% 56 degrees, 0.2%70 kg). Well solved the problem of drift. According to our experience. 3051 transmitter in different working conditions, can get the most accurate measurement. So as to maintain the stability of production and ensure the consistency of the process.

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