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Flow meter type

Mar 24, 2017

Flow meter model type and classification

The instruments are used to measure the flow of fluid in the pipeline (the volume of fluid passing per unit time). There are rotor flowmeter, throttle flowmeter, slit flowmeter, volumetric flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and weir.

Flow measurement methods and a wide range of instruments, a lot of classification methods. Up to now, for the industrial flow meter types up to 60 as much. The reason why the variety is so much is that no flow meter has been found for any fluid, any range, any flow condition, and any conditions of use.


There are more than 60 kinds of flow meters, each product has its specific applicability, also has its limitations. According to the measurement object is divided into two categories: closed pipe and open channel; according to the purpose of measurement can be divided into total measurement and flow measurement, the instrument called the total scale and flow meter.


According to the principle of measurement, there are mechanics principles, thermal principles, acoustic principles, electrical principles, optical principles, atomic physics principles. According to the most popular and broadest classification, it is divided into as follow:

(1) volumetric;


(3)differential pressure flowmeter;

(4)float flowmeter, (5)turbine flowmeter;

(6)electromagnetic flowmeter;

(7)vortex flowmeter in fluid oscillating flowmeter;

(8) quality Flowmeter (mass flowmeter);

(9) plug-in flowmeter;

(10) probe flow meter;

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