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Adjustment method of 3051 pressure range

Sep 04, 2020

Adjustment method of 3051 pressure range

Today we talk about the adjustment of Rosemount 3051 pressure range.

First, we need to find a field communicator. Field communicators need to be selected according to the output protocol of the pressure gauge to be adjusted, and the ordinary type is HART protocol. We choose 475  475HP1EKLUGMTS  or new Trex TREXCHPKLWS3S , Yokogawa BT200, abb ddh805. We can also choose relatively cheap home-made handsheets.

After the pressure transmitter and the manual reader are ready,

1. Open the back cover of the pressure transmitter. At this time, pay special attention to opening the cover. When the back cover is tight, please use professional cover opening tools.

2. Then connect the positive and negative electrodes of the hand recorder, and clamp the electrodes on the metal electrode sheet of the corresponding module. When the connection is successful, the corresponding number will appear on the display.

3. Start to adjust the meter, enter the Hart debugging interface through the manual reading device, find out the corresponding range, and set it to meet the field environment or user requirements.

4. It's better to check it again and enter the range again to check the result of adjustment.

5. Pull out the electrode, cover the back cover and complete the debugging.