ABB Soft Starter PSTB470-600-70

ABB soft starter is small in size, can realize fieldbus control, and is easy to set and debug. Its main components are three-phase anti parallel thyristor and its electronic control circuit connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor.

Product Details

Working principle 

of soft starter soft starter adopts three-phase reverse parallel thyristor as voltage regulator, which is connected between power supply and motor stator.

(1) Type selection: the common soft starters on the market include bypass type, non bypass type, energy-saving type, etc. Different types of soft starter are selected according to the load characteristics.

(2) Specification selection: the starter is selected according to the nominal power and current load nature of the motor. Generally, the capacity of the soft starter is slightly larger than the working current of the motor, and whether the protection function is complete should be considered, such as phase loss protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse sequence protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection, etc.

More model

PST44-600-70      PST50-600-70       PST60-600-70        PST72-600-70          PST85-600-70  

PST105-600-70    PST142-600-70     PST175-600-70      PST210-600-70        PST250-600-70  

PST300-600-70    PST30-600-70T     PST37-600-70T      PST44-600-70T        PST50-600-70T  

PST60-600-70T    PST72-600-70T     PST85-600-70T      PST105-600-70T      PST142-600-70T  

PST175-600-70T  PST210-600-70T   PST250-600-70T    PST300-600-70T    PSTB370-600-70  PSTB470-600-70  PSTB570-600-70   PSTB720-600-70    PSTB840-600-70      PSTB1050-600-70  PSTB370-600-70T  PSTB470-600-70T  PSTB570-600-70T  PSTB720-600-70T  PSTB840-600-70T  PSTB1050-600-70T

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