Germany Siemens Digital Output Modules- 6ES71326HD010BB1

SIMATIC ET 200SP, Relay module, RQ NO 4x 120V DC..230VAC/5A ST. 4 normally open contacts, isolated contacts, packing unit: 1 piece, fits to BU-type B0 and B1, Colour Code CC40, substitute value output, module diagnostics for: supply voltage

Product Details

Brand : Siemens

Commodity Code : 85389091

Net weight : 0.050kg

Country of origin : Germany

More models & Descriptions :


4ro, 24VDC / 2a, Co, standard, suitable for A0 base unit (6ES71326GD500BB1 upgrade)


4ro, 120vdc-230vac / 5A no, standard, with manual setting, suitable for B0 or B1 base unit

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